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Alexander Neal

email:   phone: 724-463-1600

Alexander, also known as "ER" to his team, is the current Ministry Coordinator for CEF® Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties. He serves as a Youth Pastor at Walkchalk Salem Baptist Church and is a graduate of Geneva College were he studied Student Ministry. "ER" has felt a calling for ministry and is eager to serve God in whatever compacity he can. He loves Child Evangelism's ministry, in fact this is his 9th year of serving with them. For the majority of his involvement he was a summer missionary, but in 2020 he served as the Summer Ministry Coordinator for CEF® JEC. He then went on to graduate college in the winter of 2021 and began serving as the        part-time ministry coordinator for JEC in 2022. Alexander served for a whole year there and has now transferred to AIW due to some, expected changes...


In April of 2022, ER took a step, and a knee, to ask his then girlfriend, Rachel, to ask her to be his wife. Alexander and Rachel are now happily engaged and plan to get married exactly one year from the date of their engagement, April 23, 2023. He would ask that you keep Rachel and himself in your prayers as they prepare themselves for the journey that awaits them.

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