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Carly Grenoble

email:    phone: 724-463-1600

Carly Grenoble is the office manager and bookkeeper here at CEF® Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties. She first joined Child Evangelism in the summer of 2018. Carly was unsure of where she felt God calling her but the more she served the greater the urge she felt to serve the Lord in children's ministry with CEF®. After serving as a summer missionary she decided to begin helping with Good News Club® and has been serving every summer since. More recently, Carly served as a Summer Ministry Coordinator in 2022, and decided that she felt God's calling into full-time ministry with CEF®.

Carly loves to serve God by working with kids and has a strong urge to tell as many of them as she can about Jesus and the amazing things that he has done for them. This past winter she moved into the area, Indiana County, and began her now current full-time job as office manager in AIW. She is excited for the future that God has in store and cannot wait to see his plan revealed.

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