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Upcoming Events

Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Our next big event is the annual Spaghetti Dinner on April 21st. If you are interested in helping or volunteering please check the news and updates tab, or call the office at

(724) 463-1600.

Kid's Fest

In memory of Susan Crooks, we are starting a new annual event. The Kid's Fest is for

children ages 5-12, Adults are $10, Children 5-12 are $5 and anyone younger is FREE! It will take place at North Apollo Church of God from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Contact the office with any questions.

(724) 463-1600

Christian Youth In Action

The last day to apply to be a summer missionary is closing in! The last day to apply is April 15th and the first day of training school is June 17th.

***Please pray for the ministry and all of these events and the workers that will be involved

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