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Zach Lyons

email:   phone: 724-463-1600

Zach is the Teacher Trainer for CEF® Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties. He first joined the organization as a summer missionary in 2019. Ever since then he has been a part of the summer team serving in the compacity of summer missions, teaching bible lessons and missionary songs. At times he has even had the opportunity to serve in cooperation with other chapters to further the ministry of CEF®. After graduating in the spring of 2022, Zach felt the call of God leading him to full-time ministry with Child Evangelism and in 2022 he took on that role that he felt God calling him to. He is now the teacher trainer for AIW and loves every moment. His job is to recruit and prepare teachers to share the gospel with children.

Zach loves to serve with CEF® but also loves to spend time at penguins hockey games when he gets the opportunity! He also enjoys the wonderful food that he can find at the fairs when he is there for ministry. (Hog Fries are his favorite)

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