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How can you serve with CEF®?


Child Evangelism Fellowship is strongest when there is a community and a following that is will and ready to serve. We strive to reach out to the community and all the children of the community.

How to serve:

There are many ways to serve and it is not limited just for the older generations! We have ways for students and adults to serve, not only that but we offer both volunteer and paid positions. Volunteering can be done in several ways, you could host a Good News Club, teach or even be a shepherd. Typically, student usually volunteer at Good News Club where as the adults tend to teach and shepherd. 5-Day Club is run during the summer each year and it is typically run by students from ages 14-18 called CYIA, however, there have been adults that still choose to do this because of their love for the ministry. Not only that but you may be interested in hosting a 5-Day Club, so give us a call at the office if you are interested or would like to know more!

If you are interested in volunteering or serving I would encourage you to check out the "Our Ministry" tab, or give us a call at the office, to find out more about those specific ministries and how you can serve in them.

Where to serve:

Where you serve is completely up to you and God, if you feel lead to serve in any aspect, please pray about it. Service is so important and we need to serve God fully, if you feel God's calling, pray and find out as much as you can. We have many different areas to serve, you could be a teacher, a helper, a slideshow runner, a missionary story teacher, or even a club host. If you feel lead to one of these positions please contact us. Below is a link to the contact page.

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