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Cathy Sloan

email:    phone: 724-463-1600

Cathy Sloan is the CEF® Local Director of Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties. She loves to serve God in every way possible, and she is determined to help reach as many children with the Gospel as she can. She has dedicated 16 years to serving God in this ministry and is excited to continue to see God work and move this year and many to come. She is encouraged by the new staff and is ready to see success in upcoming ministries.

Cathy has been married to her husband Jeff for 44 years! She has just recently completed all the requirements to become director after serving as the local coordinator for several years. Cathy loves to serve kids and see them come to know Jesus, she uses every ounce of her dedication for her work when she is doing ministry. Many children know her as "CC," but you would have to ask her about that yourself if you would like to know more.

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