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Current News/Updates:

  • Our Monthly Prayer meetings have started!

  • Announcement! Due to a lack of availability the June Prayer Meeting is canceled.

Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for our prayer meeting! We will take the time to discuss what can we pray for the ministry, and that God will be working in any way He can. You will receive our monthly prayer calendar and snacks! If you would like to join us for the prayer meeting, we will be having them at 10:00 a.m. at the Indiana Office, or you can join us on zoom, just let us know by email or phone. If you would like to know how you can pray for the ministry but are unable to make it to the prayer meeting, we would love to send the prayer calendar through email or mail whichever you prefer. Again just let us know!


                                                       Office Phone: (724) 463-1600

         Ministry Coordinator:        Local Director:

Office Hours currently are:

Mon - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. (Indiana)​

Tuesday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. (Greensburg)

  • We are looking for Volunteers!

    • We will be needing help with day camp during the summer, that includes planning day camp, planning and running the craft time, game ideas and people who would like to help run them, security guards(people who will watch over kids and look for intruders or things that could go wrong).

    • The Spaghetti Dinner is an annual event and we need help with donations, in the kitchen, and with cleanup. The annual dinner takes place in the Spring and we will need help building baskets for the basket raffle.

    • Other small events and tasks, if you like doing office work, helping at events that are focused on the children in attendance then we need your help!


                        Please contact Cathy with interest or questions, email or call the office at                                                             (724) 463-1600 

  • We are interested in starting some new committees!

    • Fundraising in a big part of any ministry and we are looking to start a golf committee to start a golf outing fundraiser. If you love golf, and would be interested in joining or starting the committee please feel free to contact the office at (724) 463-1600 or email the Ministry Coordinator or Local Director. 

    • We would like to start a Banquet committee as well. Members would be in charge of anything regarding dinners and banquets that benefit the local chapter. Please contact Cathy, the local director, by email or call the office at (724) 463-1600 with any interest.

Here is our Quarterly Newsletter!

Newsletter Page 1.png

Meet the new title for our quarterly newsletter! "3 in 1 News" will be bringing all the new info on the chapter and all the needs of CEF® at the time of its arrival. We hope you enjoy hearing what going on in our chapter of Armstrong, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties.

Newsletter Page 2.png

Is there anything that caught your eye, anything that you would like to see more of? Or is there anything that you did not see that you would like to see or know more about? Let us know! Give us a call or message us, we would love to meet your

needs so that we can best serve you in our ministry.

Thanks for your continuous support!

Here is something new that you need to see! We will no longer be sending out return envelopes, AND we would like to figure out if you want to continue to receive the physical newsletter.

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